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5 Things Your Woman Wants in the Morning, But Won't Tell You. - OPINION.

Women are the most perplexing creatures on the world. They may have an unspoken desire for something, but they won't tell you. Specifically, how they want their day to begin ( the waking and romantic sides). Every woman has specific morning desires that she will never tell you about and expects you to be aware of.

They may be in desperate need of something, but they will remain silent because they assume you already know what they want. Your girlfriend wants you to be romantic and do something special for her every morning.

Today, I'm going to reveal to you 5 things that every woman secretly wishes were done to her every morning.

1. They want you to wake them up first thing in the morning.

Women act like children and want you to wake them up in the same way you do with your children. They want you to greet them with a good morning message because it helps them feel safe and cherished. More importantly, they will believe you care about them.

2. They desire a morning kiss.

I'm not referring to heated kissing. You know how it starts with a cool, delicate peck on the cheeks and ends with a passionate kiss on the lips? That is the type of man that every woman desires. Kissing a woman in the morning has been scientifically proven to improve her fondness for you by boosting her happy hormones.

Trust me, they appreciate it more than the "I love you"s they hear on a daily basis. It makes them feel like they're the best thing that's ever happened to you, and it allows for new ties to form.

3. They want to be complimented on their beauty.

Telling your girlfriend how lovely she is will make her feel great for the rest of the day. You'll notice her smiling to herself and checking herself in the mirror frequently. This is a great way to win a woman's heart and make her fall in love with you.

4. Prepare a light breakfast for them.

Providing your woman with a morning meal on a daily basis will not harm her. It won't make you any less of a man or less valuable. Make your lady a light breakfast, whether it's tea or anything else, and she'll be grateful.

5. Wished them a good morning and inquired, "How was your night?"

A nice morning starts the day and finishes with a pleasant night. Every woman adores and treasures the moment when her husband gently hugs her in his arms and says, "Good morning, and how was your night?" They are instantly ecstatic as a result of this gesture. Greeting your wife or girlfriend in the morning provides her the self-assurance and motivation she needs to get the day started right.

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