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OPINION: Be careful who you love wholeheartedly - See what her boyfriend is doing behind her back

Our dream is to love someone who is going to love us back, someone who is going to be faithful and bring joy into our lives. Our biggest fear is to love someone wholeheartedly only to find out that they are busy with someone else and there are people in our circle who know about it but they won't tell us.

I saw someone sharing a story about her friend who is in love with a guy in such a way that she does not see him cheating on her but he is actually doing something that is more than that.

A lady called Zeeh said she cannot tell her friend that the man that she is in love with is having two kids with another woman and there is one more woman who sleeps on her bed when she visits her in laws. Apparently Zee's friend occasionally goes home where her boyfriend's family is based to take care of his disabled brother when the helper is not available. This brother used to be her responsibility before they hired a permanent helper but now she only assists when the helper is away.

Zee said she once tried to give her a hint by asking what she would do if someone close to her was on a situation like this and she told Zee that she would not raise an alarm, then Zee decided to keep quiet about it. Zee said her friend was warned by her boyfriend not to touch his phone, but she still trusted him.

I believe that what is happening to Zee's friend is not fair and I understand how Zee has tried to give her a hint because she cannot be a direct whistle blower. As someone who cares for her friend, she should spend more time trying to give her more hints instead of painting social media with her issues.

Her friend's boy friend seem to be someone who does not care about her emotions. If he did love her, he would at least tell her about the two children because they will forever be a part of his life. If his family knows about those children, they are all being unfair to her because she seem like someone who treats them as her own family.

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