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4 Ways A Woman Will Test You To Know If You're Matured Man

The point is, women are approached by men all the time. The woman you're trying to woo may have been spoken to by more than five guys a day. To differentiate real men from "boys," women usually take tests.

In this article, you will learn how women often test men.

1. Play with strength: A woman will usually show a lack of interest in you at the start of interactions just to see if you are a high-ranking man. A man of lower status will pursue her more and become needy. On the other hand, a man of great worth will not pursue her.

2. Get angry: Most women will get angry at how mature a man is. You should always be in control of yourself when a woman is angry. Women like emotionally strong men.

3. Insults: What happens when a woman insults you? Does this move you? An attractive woman will subtly insult you to see the level of your self-confidence. It was Abraham Lincoln who said that you can tell how great a man is by what makes him angry.

4. The jealousy test: This is one of the obvious ways that women test men. How do you react when a girl tells you about another man who is interested in her? Or what happens when she flirts with another guy in your presence? To pass this test, you have to act indifferently. Act as if these other men aren't a threat to you. She will see you as a man of great worth if you don't react negatively.

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