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Relationships: Am I Doing the Right Thing?

We frequently acquire requests for non-secular communication. Recently, a person asked us the following question: My fiancé and I simply broke up, and I want to recognize if this became the proper issue to do or now no longer.  I love him greater than whatever else inside the complete world. We have been making plans on being married in April. I simply felt like he placed himself above me in his priorities. He could make plans with me after which to play golf instead, or he could certainly neglect the name due to the fact something greater essential got here. I love him and love him very much, however, I experience that perhaps it is great for us to be aside till he can extricate this egocentric component of his personality.  Should I be an affected person and stick it out or pass on?

Below is the response I acquired from God's voice within:

"Greetings and benefits to you are valuable ones. To say that this character has a bent to be egocentric and to have the concept that you may extrude his personality, or that he can, is possibly now no longer very sensible.  What is greater sensible in making an entire life dedicated to a person is to make a dedication to who that character is of their entirety, to just accept the matters approximately them which you can't trade, or even special than that, to just accept the whole lot approximately them as probably something that may by no means be changed, that who you recognize and spot earlier than you now could be the character you may spend regular of your lifestyles with.  It is essential to marry who's status in front of you these days and to now no longer marry them for who you believe you studied they may come to be or to now no longer marry them for who you're afraid they may flip into.  It is the only one in front of you who's actual and who you will be spending your days with.

"If you can't stay with the selfishness of this character now, it could most effectively be magnified over days, weeks, months, or years in a marriage. Can you believe yourself on this date with those inclinations multiplying over time? Or are you able to see yourself making peace with this and now no longer having this character's selfishness affect you? Are you sturdy enough to now no longer be stricken by this character's selfishness? Or could you instead make an entire life dedicated to a person who now no longer has egocentric inclinations? If this character is egocentric with you, what is going to be like together with your family, your children, or over an entire life?

"This is a possibility with a purpose to perform a little soul-searching. If you revel in this character as egocentric, in what methods does his selfishness make you uncomfortable due to the fact you're egocentric? What forms of matters approximately yourself could you want to extrude? What kinds of matters approximately do you want to reveal indifferently? In what methods could you want to be special in ting? It is essential with a purpose to pay attention to you and to pay attention much less to this character, their flaws, and the modifications that they ought to make. Take this time to pay attention to yourself. What shifts can you make so you are better? In doing so, you may come to love yourself in this sort of manner that you may appeal to and maintain a person who similarly likes themselves and who's similarly devoted to understanding themselves and running closer to being the great character they could be.

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