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Divorce Affair

The end of the road for the lovers who married at a young age

Few years ago the father received a huge backlash after paying lobola on behalf of his son, (Syacela) who was only 18 at that time and his wife (Thando) was 16 that time. This young married couple scored themselves a television show on Moja love since people were so curious about their marriage. From the beginning the majority of people were against this marriage, and said it clearly that these kids will get devorced because a marriage is no child's play.

Last week Syacela finally revealed that he has been cheating on his wife, Thando, and he want to marry the girl he has been cheating with, in other words, he wants to make her his second wife. Ever since Syacela came clean about cheating; his marriage has been slowly crumbling. On Yesterday's episode, Thando revealed that she doesn't love her husband anymore and she doesn't have a reason why she must stay in a marriage where there is no love anymore "I no longer love him, mother. I don't want to lie. There isn't anymore" said Thando.

People have shared their thoughts about this matter on Twitter. The majority of people were happy that Thando has finally gathered the courage to say this; because they have also noticed that there is no love there anymore "(I'm just going to wait to finish high school then I'm going to leave. Once I leave, I won't go back - Thando) I've never been happier" said a Twitter user. "Thando finally realizing Syacela is not good for her" said a Twitter.

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