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Mkhulu Romeo and Gogo Majola share their romantic tale with SunReaders. 

THE sangoma accepts the progenitors have brought him and his adoration together. 

Romeo Malepe from Vosloorus, lovingly known as Mkhulu Romeo, revealed to Daily Sun he's been with individual sangoma Gogo Majola for a quarter of a year and knew from the start this was the lady for him. 


He said he saw this lovely lady in a café wearing dots and his heart longed to converse with her. 

"I went through her Facebook profile. I was enchanted by everything about her," said Romeo. 

He said the two of them have their own izindumba and consistently have time issues. 

"She's talented and can even peruse individuals without tossing the bones. These are only a portion of the things I love about her. 

"Being involved with somebody you can interface with profoundly is significant. In the event that your progenitors don't care for that relationship, nothing will go right." 

Gogo Majola imparts her romantic tale to SunReaders. 

He said as a sangoma, discovering somebody you can associate with can be troublesome. 

"Izangoma who have relationship issues put their relationship with their accomplices in front of their precursors," he said. 

"The progenitors start things out, regardless. Nothing will go right in the event that you don't adjust your tribal blessing and different parts of your life." 

He said the individuals who disapprove of him and his sovereign kissing in the stream should quiet down. 

"A many individuals can't help contradicting the manner in which we get things done, yet that is silly of them. Our precursors united us and we're commending our association," he said. 

Nombasa Felem from Midrand, known as Gogo Majola, said it's only one out of every odd day you find an attractive sangoma. 

Mkhulu Romeo and Gogo Majola share their romantic tale with SunReaders. 

"He made me giggle on the principal date. He's a straight-talker, a man of his word and effectively upholds my work as a sangoma," she said. 

"Accomplishing profound work requests that you be unassuming and able to serve. Doing that with somebody you're involved with implies there's closeness past the physical. 

"The bond is reinforced by the progenitors as you consolidate your endowments to help other people discover recuperating." 

She prompted izangoma who've been battling with long haul connections to speak with idlozi and supplicate.

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