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Opinion| Ladies, Here Are Some Ways To Find Out If He Is Playing You Or Not

If you're really into a guy but aren't sure if he's on the same wavelength as you, it can cause a lot of stress and self-doubt. If you're unsure whether the guy is playing with you, consider what he does and says when you're together. Though there is no foolproof way to know if he's playing with you unless you ask him or catch him in the act, there are numerous signs that he's not being genuine with you, and it's important to know if you should be on the lookout as soon as possible.

1. Check to see if he will only hang out with you in certain areas of town.

One way to tell if he's playing with you is if he's comfortable hanging out with you anywhere or if he gets nervous or hesitant if you want to hang out in a new part of town or go on a new adventure. If he acts this way, it's possible that he's been hanging out with other girls in other parts of town and doesn't want to have any awkward encounters. If you want to find out if he's playing you, casually mention that you'd like to go to a different restaurant, movie theater, or public park in town to see if it makes a difference to him.

2. Examine whether he is hesitant to meet your friends or to have you meet his.

If your guy never wants to meet your friends, it could be because he doesn't want to commit to the relationship. If he doesn't want you to meet his friends, it could be for the same reason, with the added concern that his friends might say something negative about the other girls he's seeing. Whether he's seeing someone else or not, if you've been together for a while and he hasn't shown any interest in meeting your friends or having you meet his, it's a red flag.

3. Check to see if he acts strangely if he runs into you in public.

When you and your guy are alone, everything is fine, but when you run into him at the mall or outside a restaurant, he gives you the cold shoulder, something is definitely wrong. He's either acting strange because he's seeing another girl and doesn't want to be seen with you, or he doesn't want his friends or anyone else to think he's dating you. In any case, this should be cause for concern.

4. Check to see if he is hesitant to be affectionate with you in public.

If you go on a date with him and he acts like you're brothers and sisters, you should wonder why. If he's playing you, he doesn't want the rest of the world to know he's seeing you, either because he's seeing someone else or because he wants to keep his options open. Though not all guys enjoy holding hands, if he truly cares for you, he should want to show you some affection.

5. Check to see if he's friendly one minute and distant the next.

If he's all loving, sweet, kind, and wanting to kiss you one minute and then acts as if he has no idea who you are the next, it could be because he's playing with you. Maybe he's in the mood to hang out with you some days and thinks he has more important things to do on others. Whether this means he'd rather hang out with another girl or his buddies, if he's constantly hot and cold, he's definitely playing with you.

6. Check to see if he would ever forego a night out with his friends for you.

If the guy is playing with you, he will never believe that you are first in his eyes. He'd always spend a night out with his friends, but when it comes to you, he'll only hang out with you when you suspect his friends are busy or he has nothing else on his social calendar. If he truly likes you, he will regard you as a priority, not as a social sloppy second. See if he'll ever give up a night with his friends for a nice evening with you if you want to know if he's playing with you.

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