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Are you always arguing with your partner? Check out the signs whether you are compatible

New love is amazing, it can sometimes drive one crazy. So often we've misled ourselves thinking we've found our soulmates when entering a new relationship. Everything seems so perfect at first and you think you've found the one. You both share the same interests and really enjoy each other's company. While it is good that you and your partner get along well and agree on many things, compatibility is more deeper than that. So how do you know you're compatible with your partner? whether it's a new relationship or you've been with your partner for long but things are just not working out, this article will help you understand if you're both compatible or not.

1. You both have different outlook about the future

You picture yourself married with a yard full of kids in the future, while your partner simply wants to live a free life and enjoy life without kids and marriage in the picture. While it may be nice to just go with the flow but talking about your long term goals of your relationship will help you realize if you have a future or not with your partner.

2. You don't share common values and beliefs

Having different values with your partner can cause conflict in the long run. Different religion or beliefs can also affect your relationship. These things can impact the decisions needed to be made in the relationship and can lead to arguments. If one of you has to continuously compromise their values and beliefs for the other, it may lead to resentment over time.

3. Both of you are stubborn

If you and your partner have stubborn personalities, there's a big chance things might not work out. Disagreements tend to last longer and can turn ugly because both of you want to be right all the time. Neither of you wants to apologize so the relationship suffers. One of you will have to try and change their stubborn habits or both of you must have a common ground. Rather agree to disagree instead of wanting to be right all the time.

4. You don't share any common interests

Spending time with your partner seems boring. Spending time together seems like a drag that you'd rather spend time with your friends than your partner. You don't necessarily have to like the same things on everything, but atleast have one common interest that you both love and spend time together.

5. Your arguments or fights are unhealthy

Arguments in a relationship are normal, but your arguments should be healthy. If any of you curse,name call or get physical with the other during an argument then you need to reconsider your relationship. During an argument learn to listen to each other and try to resolve your issues without fighting dirty. Silent treatment in a relationship are also unhealthy.

6. You handle finances differently

Money can be such a sensitive issue to talk about. We've seen good friends and even family members fight because of money. Couples who share the same sentiment about their finances have a good thing going. Also being transparent about your finances in a relationship is important to find a common ground.

7. Your love language is different

If you and your partner have different love languages, it might be difficult to express your love for each other. Both of you might feel unloved and unappreciated. Gifts and being spoiled by your partner might make you feel loved, while your partner enjoys spending quality time and physical touch as his love language.

8. You're hoping for your partner to change

If there's something that you don't like about your partner from the beginning, it is better to accept without wanting to change them. It is often said that if the way your partner treats you now is the same way he will treat you even if you get married. Many people often get into relationships hoping they will change their partner into someone they want them to be. That's not real love but simply conditional love.

Some of those listed points can be worked out on if both of you are willing. Not every relationship is perfect but if you ticked most of the points above maybe you do need to reconsider your relationship.

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