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5 Secrets Men Keep From Women And Why They Do It

Let's start by acknowledging that everyone has secrets they'd like keep hidden. When it comes to guys, though, regardless of how long you've been together or how well you know each other, the chances are good that there are things he hasn't told you and won't tell you unless you force him to. Here are a few secrets that males strive to keep from women, as well as why they do so.

1. They Love You, They Love You Not

While some guys are eager to speak the "L" word, others are cautious and can't seem to get the message over, even if they want to. They will strive to display their love with actions instead of words because they are unable to express their feelings with words. So, how could you possibly know for certain? Actions that are full of affection could be a better reflection of how he feels, and a few passionate words could also go a long way.

2. They Have Cold Feet

You've probably noticed that guys have a tougher time picking up on more specific details than women. Your boyfriend might not even realize when your relationship has evolved into a partnership with a higher level of commitment expectation. Even though they are invested in the romance, some males are afraid of being connected. When they perceive that things are moving at a faster pace than they are used to, they tend to withdraw.

3. Their Work And Family Drama

Men, on the whole, have a lot of pride. They will pretend everything is alright, even if it isn't, to give the impression that they have things under control. Your partner could be doing the same thing, burying all of his unpleasant emotions related to family, friends, or work. Make it a point to inquire about his feelings outside of the engagement. Stress from other areas of his life could be impacting how he handles things with you without you even realizing it.

4. They Are Attracted To Your Friend Or Relative

As horrible as that may sound, some men have admitted to being attracted to their spouses' friends or siblings and have kept it a secret for obvious reasons. Please note that this does not imply that you should question everyone your guy meets. That isn't why I'm publishing this; it's just useful information.

5. Their Secret Desires And Fantasies

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Whatever his fantasies are, he may be withholding part of the exploration he wants to do with you. It's only a matter of communicating. Discuss both of your bedroom ideas; you might be amazed to learn that just one conversation can take your s*x life to a whole new level.

Do you agree with me on this, guys? Which of these secrets is your partner keeping hidden from you, ladies? Leave a comment below with your comments.

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