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Old Man on Twitter Crushing on Mihlali Ndamase. This is What He Publicly Said to her!

A quite old gentleman by the twitter user name @DlalaChampion took an initiative to tell the Media Personality Mihlali Ndamase how much he loves her by responding on one of Mihlali's tweet.

Within few seconds, black twitter were on top of this matter, laughing out loud, but it seems like the gentleman in question meant what he said.

This is what he had to say after :

Clearly the old man has a crush on Mihlali and he couldn't help it but to let the haters how much they can be compatible together by quoting some few imaginations happening in his dream land.

Crush is frankly speaking excess craving or deep attraction of any person. It is more on physical side,it happened particularly for very handsome, attractive & stylish man or very figured & elegant beautiful girl.

Crush is not love but crush can convert into love on long term if we get the care,feel & love from our crush. But for our suiter, he has already taken it there in his imaginations.

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