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In Pretoria, I'll need security when I date Mr. Smeg.

Source: Pretoria, I'll need security when I date Mr. Smeg.

With what Sthembi is claiming about going on a date with the one and only Mr. Smeg, two Twitter influencers are taking the internet by storm. The red kettle is where he spends the most of his time. With it, he also headed to the SABC 3 morning program.

Sthembi sent out an unusual tweet in which she stated that she wanted security when she goes on her date with Mr. Smeg. Mr. Smeg is a person who spreads joy to others and gives them a cause to grin.

He does it with the words "You are lovely," aimed at that individual, and he starts with their names first. Are they going to have bodyguards if he and Sthembi have a dating encounter, since she prefers to have them for safety reasons? Until it is, it stays unverified.

The following is a response from the comment section:

1. Miss Diko: She works for a security industry and wants to know when the date is.

2. Nlhamu: "I'll be the bodyguard," she says, and she answers with a slew of laughing emojis.

3. Zan: She has a positive attitude. Smeg is also known for lending a sympathetic ear, which is exactly what Zan is doing about their date.\

4. Tim Osman: People place a high value on a date with Smeg. That is why some individuals choose to go out on a date with him.

5. Thabang: "You have no faith in anyone." She answered by adding that she is well aware that many people are familiar with her.

Sthembi is a product of the present generation's manner of doing things, and some of them aren't afraid to take the initiative. Mr. Smeg is the only one who can decide whether or not they go on a date at this point. Mr. Smeg is no stranger to dating.


If Mr. Smeg decides to continue, the TL will be waiting because the information has been made public. He was recently advised not to bring his kettle to a luncheon with Lasizwe, and this time it would be determined by what Sthembi wants to get out of the encounter. But it must first be confirmed, and it will undoubtedly be all over the TL.

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