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What a man. He did this for the mother of his child

September is the month of happiness as it seems. We have already seen quite a number of weddings, engagements and people finding partners they have always wanted in this month. It seems luck is on other people's side.

Yesterday was a very special day for a social media user named t4low. Without keeping you in suspense, he sent his uncles over to his girlfriend's house for lobola negotiations and it seems everything went well because after the negotiations, he took to social media and posted that everything went the way he had planned them.

The most interesting thing is that T4low paid lobola for the woman of his dreams who happens to be the mother of his child.

This guy did a very applaudable thing. In African cultures, when you impregnate a lady you have to marry the same lady you have impregnated.

In other cultures they force you to marry the lady who is carrying your child. Is it a right or a wrong thing?

It is the right thing because as a man you cannot impregnate a lady and then dump her like trash. If you do not love her and you do not want to be with her you will use protection to avoid being forced to marry someone you do not want to be with for the rest of your life.

It will also teach the guys who like to break women's hearts a lesson they will never forget. They will know that there will be consequences to deal with if they impregnate any lady they choose to impregnate.

Kids cannot be fatherless because of reckless fathers. Who is going to feed them when they are born? The diapers, formulae and clothes for infants are expensive.

I think guys have to stop toying around with women's emotions. If they do not want to have serious relationships with them they need to let them know, rather than lying and promising to give them the things they will never give them.

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