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Here is Proof that your crush will never like you back.

We have all been in that situation where we crush on that one girl who we just want to talk to but we actually have some doubts. We ask ourselves if she will talk to us harshly or if she will embarrass us. If you have ever felt like that then you're not alone, I don't know about you but a lot of guys and girls have been faced with this situation a couple of times in their lives.

Well, this man in the article seems like he has had it worse, as he tried to shoot his shot with his crush and something that is a little embarrassing happened to him. These texts between him and his crush have been all over social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and he has basically gone viral.

So the conversation starts out with the guy sending a text that actually said "Been crushing on you lately", and most people would expect a sweet response from the girl but to our surprise she responds with the words "Can you send me Ewallet", which was a bit surprising to a lot of people. They proceeded to talk and he asked her if they could video call but she responded with the words "my front camera cracked so I really can't video at the moment I can only send you pics if you want. But I'll send you after an an Ewallet"

Well a lot of people may think that he I being taken for a ride but, it seems like he is down to do anything to win her over, and there is nothing wrong with that. But what's surprising is that he actually ended up sending the lady in the conversation an Ewallet of R800.

The sad part is after he sent the Ewallet she didn't even send any pictures to him. This is a little sad to see this.

i guess it is about time that peoplw start to wake up and realise that messaging people online could be a very dangerous thing to do, I mean a lot of people have gotten scammed by fake profiles on social media.

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