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Women should not give sex to a man without a land (Joshua Maphonga)

This world continues to worship feminism. A lot of people don't understand that this is a spiritual issue. when you read the Bible in the old Testament, the books of Kings. There is a woman that is mentioned by the name of Jezebel, who was the wife of King Ahab.

When you read the story, you realise that Jezebel could detect to the King what he should do. She had power of influence to direct the King. It was like King Ahab did not have much say in the Kingdom. He was the King by name, but it was his wife ruling through him, that is wht even the mistake that he made by killing Naboth, it was an advise orchestrated by his wife Jezebel. Jezebel was an Idol worshiper, and she was very immoral.

The behaviour of Jezebel is a typology of the future of women. So we can see right now where that behaviour is beginning to surface, which marks the last days. If you read revelation Chapter 17 and 18, the Bible explains about the woman who was riding on a beast. It is also trying to tell us about the elevation of women power in the last days. So in this post of Joshua Maponga, I don't see any sense in it, except the empowerment of an idea to worship feminism

Do I don't see this building in anyway, unless if this advice was given to girls that are still growing up. Just to say, you need to check your man first before you can actually go ahead and do the other activities that people who are in love do, because if you get pregnant with no provision for that baby, you will suffer. What does this post help to those that are already in marriage. You cannot come now and say don't give sex to that man because he doesn't have a land.

I agree with the second comment that says, "a man has to hustle as to work for him to be respected in the society" and sometimes is not easy, but the women have got an advantage and certain privileges that come by being born a woman. So you see now, does it still make sense what he said.

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