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Reasons Why Women Should Date Less Attractive Men - OPINION

Successful relationship have many building blocks such as honesty, trust, communication, loyalty and more of some touchy feely moments.

When it comes to appearances, most of us are resigned to the fact that a person looks the certain way. It is said that when a man is more attractive a relationship is likely to fail.


#1 Cheat less or no

A less attractive man is likely to cheat less or not at all. Guys whp are really attractive can be a big chicks magnet. So save your self some stress and go for the less attractive man.

#2 They treat you better, apparently!!!

It is said that less attractive man know how to treat a woman, make her feel special and safe. They invest more on pleasing and keeping their woman happy.

#3 Women are happier

Wman tend to be happier or relationship becomes really successful if the woman is more attractive than a man.

#4 Woman feels safe and secure

Unattractive man know how to treat a woman and make them feel comfortable with even accepting, working in their body insecurities and low self esteem.

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