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7 reasons why you should try speed dating.

7. Use time efficiently. Traditional dating costs a lot of time and money. Deciding your compatibility with someone can take more than a month. On speed dating, you meet and sit with 10 or more people in one night, and at least one could be a great couple to keep dating. It's all about volume!

 6.Save money .Restaurants, drinks, and movies are expensive. Speed ​​dating can be free near you - check local listings to find a free speed dating event near you. It's almost like going to a dealership and testing each car to see if you like it before you deposit the money to buy it. 

5. They are all single and ready to mingle. Traditional dating can lead to people realizing that they don't want the same things. However, if someone has taken the step of going to a dating event, it is a clear sign that they are actively looking for a partner and ready to campaign.

4. Low participation, great opportunities In speed dating, you usually have 3 to 10 minutes at each appointment, and a card is marked "yes" if you are interested in each person and "no" if you are not. People who mark each other with "Yes" receive each other's contact information. Feel free to forget anyone you don't meet, but there is a high probability of mutual interest in a 10-20 date dating session.

3. Great exercise for talking to people .At a speed dating event, you talk to multiple people - great conversation practice for future dates. You can learn a lot from watching people perform on a speed date and it can help you develop better personal strategies. You will find that at the end of the session you will improve when talking to others.

2. It's fun You will be amazed at how much fun speed dating can be. You get to meet and talk with lots of interesting people, which leads to great stories to share with friends. You may find that it was the best decision you ever made. 

1. Maybe you know the one .You never know when you will meet your perfect match. Putting yourself in a situation where you meet several new people increases your chances of meeting someone that you will really like. You have nothing to lose except a little time, and that is time well spent.

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