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Reactions as Dad advises grown-up daughter who asked him for money to make her hair

It was this WhatsApp conversation between a guy and his daughter that made me laugh the most. But the truth is that most of our parents have done things that no one could have imagined they were capable of doing at certain periods. That the same parent who tells their daughter not to have a boyfriend as she begins to develop is the same father who would urge her to find a partner when it is time to take on more responsibilities is rather humorous.

The following is a description of what a woman's father told her to do after she begged him for money to get her hair done on her Twitter account:

In her own words, she has requested that her father give her 8k so that she may get her hair done because the money she now has on her person would not be sufficient to do so.

The counsel her father provided her as soon as she asked for it became the subject of much discussion. Her father urged her to stop asking her for money and to go see her lover instead. She did what her father instructed. After that, he went on to tell how he used to donate money to her mother when they were dating.

He was nevertheless advised to locate a boyfriend by his father, despite the fact that the lady continued insisting that she did not have a partner. See the screenshot below.

Following the publication of the essay, a slew of individuals began to share their own versions of the incident, including what their own father has done to them or is capable of doing in such a circumstance. Numerous individuals expressed interest in this topic.

Below are some people's comments on the post.

In your opinion, what should be done here? What are your thoughts on the subject? Fill in the blanks with your thoughts and opinions. Now, let's listen to your side of the tale.

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