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Pregnancy period

Doctor Warns Men, Explains Danger Of Withdrawal Method During Lovemaking

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First Doctor took to his social media profile to disclose the withdrawal method of contraception in love relationships, which he has now deleted. He gave instructions and issued warnings to the soldiers who were using this approach with considerable caution.

In the message, he stated that this mechanism was responsible for the conception of numerous infants. At the outset of his opening remarks, he cautioned men who rely on their withdrawal strategy to avoid pregnancy to adopt caution when having sexual relations with their partners.

Furthermore, he asserted that the majority of people are not aware that even pre-cum might result in a woman becoming pregnant, which is why a large number of children are born this way.

He wrote the following, in his own words, on his blog:

"You should proceed with caution if you intend to adopt the pullout strategy. Even your pre-cum can result in a woman becoming pregnant. Because of this, an enormous number of infants were born."

That has resulted in Dr. Smith being increasingly adamant in his resistance to the notion that the withdrawal treatment, which many people believe does not result in a woman becoming pregnant, actually does result in her becoming pregnant. The fact that it is feasible for a woman to conceive naturally has been made known by him and his colleagues through the use of this method. Because of this, it is our responsibility, particularly as males, to heed this warning and act in accordance with its contents.

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