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This White Woman Went Through 23 Operations To Become A Black Woman (See)

Things happen in this world, and life here on earth will amaze you for real. You would think that most people wanna be white with light long hair, but think again!

Meet Martina Bigs (that is not her name anymore cause she is a black women as I write). She is a German white women who used to work as an Airline Steward, and she left her job to become a professional model.

I don't know if somebody told her that to make it big as a model, you have to be black, but nevertheless, "she went through 23 Operations to accomplish a 32s bra Size, later needed to pull off her unique white complexion and searched for dark skin pigmentation"

And when you thinking that is it, you are definitely wrong, there is more. She went to change everything about her whiteness, am talking about even her name and surname.

"Martin Big went down to Nyeri in Kenya to change her name after authoritatively changing her personality to a dark skinned individual in Germany.

Isaac Murage is the name of the pastor who immersed her in holy water and baptized her, and after the ceremony, it is said that, she said; she is a genuine African lady. Her name was changed to Malaika Kubwa, meaning Angel Big.

Here are some of her pictures as a Black Women:

Oooh I almost forgot, she has a boyfriend too Michael (the first one on the left)

The black Barbie....

Looks like the boyfriend is also her manager or photographer

What your take....

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