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Wedding planning scene

Kwaito is conflicted: Will he attend Tbose's wedding? | Skeem Saam

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Tbose and Kwaito have been friends for as long as they can remember. Leeto was the one that initiated the friendship and ensured that they became friends in the first place. The bond between these two is beyond just "friendship" what they are is what qualifies to be called "Brothers for life".

The friendship that Kwaito and Tbose shares reminded many of the one that Popye and Spinach had. At the time, they were still young boys finding their way through the pressures of life that come with teenage years. At the age of 16, Thabo convinced Kwaito that they should go and see Tuks Senganga perform.

This was meant to be a night where the two get to experience how night life is. They stole John Maputla's car and drove off to the event. On their way back, they were under the influence of alcohol and there was an accident. It was the same accident which was recorded as one that took Rachel's father and Celia's then husband, Ben Kunutu.

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The pair has survived a lot together. They got through high school together, went to the same university and even there; they still had to face problems together. They had Sakhile to deal with, then Mr Spiller and all the other dramas that came with being students in Johannesburg.

Currently, the two are graduates and they both were on internship programmes, but Kwaito is no longer even working. This followed closely with the news that he is not a Seakamela. Ever since he found out that John Maputla is his father, things started falling apart. The friendship that had rightfully turned into brotherhood is now in pieces. Thabo was convinced that Kwaito always knew that John is his father and this is why he had always envied him.

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Kwaito on the other hand does not want anything to do with the Maputla family. Kat tried talking him into attending Thabo's bachelor party, however; Zamokuhle declined. There's is no doubt that Kwaito and Tbose miss each other. The bond they share goes deeper than all the conflicts that have risen.

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Tbose still does not have a best man for his wedding and Kwaito still has a suit waiting for him for the same wedding. Do you think the two will manage to resolve their issues on time?

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Since Kwaito declined Kat's invite to the bachelor party, will he come back to his senses and show up for the wedding? If he really does not want anything to do with the Maputla family, why is he conflicted about whether or not he should attend the wedding?

Is this a sign that the anger that he has for John shouldn't be directed to his best friend and now biological brother?

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