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The Nine Best Things to Say to A Guy You Just Met

The hardest thing about members of the congregation is understanding how to engage in engaging verbal exchanges so that they keep trying. So we asked dating pros Dan Lier and Mike Lindstrom, authors of Dan and Mike's Guide to Men, to come up with the first few lines that could captivate any man anywhere. 

 At a sports bar, "What's the biggest big goal you've ever scored in a game? 

 Aside from the ambiguity, um, guys love talking about sports almost as much as they love to show it off. Ya Whether he's rudely telling you about his excessive college years because of the big quarterback, or he surprises you with a minor league past, just realize he's digging you already, certainly because you applied.   

 For a man, finishing a challenge is as mandatory as wearing deodorant in the morning. Moonwalk, Macarena, or The Dougie, he'll do it. And while he's going to be an idiot, you'll be there to pounce and protect him from his left foot. We assume he'll pay you with a scoop of drinks. 

 At the bar of a restaurant: “This is where the first nachos are served. Have you tried them before? or wings? "At best? He agrees with you and makes the percentage decision of a plate. In the worst case? He disagrees, you flirt and then you offer to buy him something just to prove him wrong. It's a win-win line on the road for every man who eats from your plate. Literally. 


 At a friend's party: "I wanted to speak to you the second you gave me here, but nobody added me. So I will introduce myself

 .He will assume the reality that you had the balls to manipulate him is fiery. Sure, some men want to take the main step, but that doesn't mean they are no longer pleasantly surprised when a woman does the fieldwork. 


 At the Park: "Do you have an idea how to display this blanket directly on a Twister board? I have to play. 

 That suggests to a man that you are funny, playful and full of energy - short multifunctional lines. Curious what otherwise crazy ghost dreams later 

 In the gym: “You seem to recognize your manners here. Where is the system that works your glutes? 

 While we constantly flatter our girlfriends ("Your hair looks so beautiful today! I love this top!), Men hardly ever get compliments from anyone else. After paying attention to one, they take note of it. By announcing in the weight room that you are watching his manners, you are telling him that he appears amateurish, manly, and is properly feeding his macho ego. When you come back they will be happy to help you find the system you are looking for ... and probably a lot more. 

 On the beach: "I bet you think about how I stay away from tan lines. 

 No, I wasn't. But after this comment everything is on the way to be on your mind as long as you are afterwards and lie down if he feels like that, you can live there, talk to him ... At least until he gives up his mystery of being a branch addict.

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