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Husband and wife relationship

"He left me for some years and he returns on my wedding day" woman cries out


When it is painful to lose someone in your life and especially if that someone is your child, or your husband, or someone close to you, but it brings joy to see them returning. It is revealed that today there is a woman who got married and as they were attending the marital service at church, she managed to see people returning in her life especially her own child who left her for some years.

It is said that the Son made an unusual appearance, and he interrupted the wedding as he went in and left his mother speechless. It is said that the woman shouted aloud after she realized that her own son attended the wedding, even though she did not expect him there because since the graduation happened, she couldn't see the son anymore for he went away as a military man.

It is revealed that the woman did not see her son coming in, but she noticed that there was a voice that is similar to her own child, when the pastor asked who in this place gives this woman a hand in marriage, then the son replied saying I do and walked to towards the alter where the mother and her husband to be were.

When he got there he reached out his hand to his mother and his mother out of amusement, only left her mouth hung open even her eyes were wide opened, she revealed that at that time she couldn't believe what she saw, she thought that maybe it's a ghost or not.

The son is not the only one who amused her mother, but even her long-lost husband, it is said that she believed that maybe the husband was dead because he left her for some years, and it is intriguing that as the husband appeared, he did not want to cause trouble there, but instead allowed the woman to take the man as a husband because he admits that he was wrong for leaving.

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