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Condom Myths and Facts

When looking up information about intimacy and condoms it can be hard to know what is true, and what is just an urban legend. In honor of National Condom Week, we put on our Mythbusters hats and debunked some condom myths.

Condom Myth #1: Size doesn’t matter

FACT: Using the right size condom is important! If the condom you are using is too large it can slip off, and if it is too small it can break during intimacy. If you are struggling to figure out what size you need we recommend this fit finder quiz from My One Condom.

Condom Myth #2: Condoms are uncomfortable

FACT: If using a condom hurts, pay attention to the ingredients, the amount of lube you are using, and how the condom fits. There are a lot of options, so take some time to talk with your partners and find what you both like!

Condom Myth #3: Two is better than one

FACT: Never use two condoms at the same time! When you use two condoms they are more likely to break than if you were just using one condom.

Condom Myth #4: Condoms don’t protect against HIV

FACT: When used consistently and correctly, condoms offer great protection against HIV! Nobody’s perfect and condoms are 86% effective in preventing HIV, STIs, and pregnancy.

Condom Myth #5: I don’t need to use lube

FACT: Using lube can prevent condom breakage, increase pleasure, and decrease discomfort. So while it isn’t required we highly recommend it. Pro-tip avoid using oil-based lubes with latex condoms, it can cause them to break, and we wouldn’t want that to happen.

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