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Man tattooed his girlfriends face on his arm to prove his love for her


Men will do anything to show love to their partner regardless of what it takes. A young man decided to prove to his girlfriend, that he is actually in love, man proved her by tattooing his arm. On the arm he tattooed the face of the woman and later shared a picture on social media to confuse fake friends.

Man never bothered himself to look for other ways to show love. Instead he went for the tattoo ehich many people found to be disturbing, especially when the relationship takes a turn. Followers who got to see his post have been questioning what if the relationship ends up in tears.

Since the ink on his body is permanent followers laughed at him. However man seemed to never care about what the streets are saying about him. Instead he found what he did encouraging to many young lovers out there wishing to prove themselves.

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