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20+Photos: Don't Open This If You Don't Believe yourself

Good day guy the content of this article it is time for laugh, see 17 memes pictures and read few jokes that will make your day, hold your self when when you laugh.

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This guy was looking on to another woman while she was passing to the bar and buy something. He did not expect what he got from his girlfriend who was sitting next to her. When he turned back he got a hot clap and she left him alone.

See video from this source:

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This short guy saw another couple carry each as boyfriend carry his girlfriend and it was so lovely and cherish in his face. He was impressed where he wished to try it with his partner.

He did take his new shoes and wear them after he called his girlfriend to come and jump in his hands. While his girlfriend was approaching he was surprised and changed reactions in his face.

Pictures before.

All the story it ended in tears for the short guy where his girlfriend jumped on his body and left him with broken hands, ribs and body etc.

Pictures after.


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