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In Pictures| A couple went straight to Home Affairs and got married

Pictures of a couple who went straight to Home Affairs to get married, are currently making rounds on social media platforms, particularly on Twitter. And in the Pictures, the couple could be clearly seen signing some marriage certificate.

And thereafter, the couple went out and took some pictures wherein, they could be seen smiling for the camera. The pictures of the said couple have since prompted many people to engage in interesting debate about how convenient, it is to get married at home affairs. However some people seemed to of the view that they still prefer a wedding whereby people are invited to celebrate their union together. Marriage is something that has been in existence for many centuries, and different cultures celebrate their getting married differently.

In recent times, many couples have been opting to go straight to Home Affairs and signing marriage certificate, without necessarily making a huge wedding, wherein people are invited. And there are various reasons why people are now choosing less complicated wedding celebrations. One reason is that it is extremely expensive these days to host a traditional wedding.

The advantage of getting married at home affairs is that it cost less money. However, in some cultures, it is still believed that people should get married traditional so that, all the families and friends can be invited when the couple tie the knots. As already pointed out above, many couples are now finding it easier to get married at home affairs.

Admittedly, it will take some time before people could come to terms with the fact that getting married at Home Affairs is ideal, especially given that there is high inflation rates and many other issues which may prolong the couple from getting married, should they opt to go for the traditional wedding, where people are invited to celebrate with them.

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