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I Paid For His Plane Ticket With My Father's Money. After Three Years He Arrived And Did This To Me.

My girlfriend and I began dating in elementary school and remained together until we finished university. Because our bond was so deep, we were almost compelled to enter into a blood covenant at one point.

Our parents were completely aware of our activities, and they even agreed to let us marry before we had even considered it. We did almost everything together in high school. Our students and teachers, for the most part, were aware of our existence.

Since we arranged it, we completed the second cycle and met again at tertiary. Because he was bright and likable, my boyfriend was elected president of the Student Representative Council (SRC). Many people admired him, and I admit that I envied him at times when I saw him connect with women. He did assure me, though, that he was only looking at me.

We shared a rented flat near the main school hostel during our tertiary years. I didn't want to let him get away from me. During our senior year, he made it clear to me that he intended to move abroad after graduation in pursuit of greener pastures because he feared the country's economy would be unfavorable to him. I supported his decision since he stated that as soon as he settled down, he would return to marry me.

I trusted everything he told me. It was finally time for him to fly. He was unable to cover all of his travel expenditures. Given the deadline he was given to depart Ghana, time was not on his side. There was not a ray of hope to be discovered. Except for the travel tickets, he had everything ready.

Nobody was willing to help us acquire it. My father, a well-to-do man, brought significant quantities of money into the house every Friday. I took GHC 12,000 from my father's money and gave it to him to pay for the plane ticket, retaining the rest for when he came, because I couldn't stand watching him miss out on the opportunity to travel abroad.

After he had left, my father recovered his missing money. I told him the truth. My father was stern, and he reported the event to the cops, who subsequently took me into custody. He came to bail me out on his own after a few days in the cells. He couldn't bear the thought of his own daughter being incarcerated.

It's been three years since we last saw each other. In the United States, my buddy was doing well. For the first two years, we talked on the phone almost every week. Everything was well between us till he landed in Ghana and began acting as if he had never met me before. He didn't even contact me to inform me that he was in Ghana. It was a friend who alerted me to the situation.

In a word, he has turned down all of my attempts to assist him in his endeavors, and he is now marrying another woman with whom he has fallen in love. Because he never had a girlfriend in Ghana, I'm not sure if he arrived with her from the United States. I asked what I had done wrong to warrant such payments, and he said he would reimburse my money with interest. He has chosen to punish me with evil after all of my suffering. I'm at a loss on what to do next. Please help me because I believe I'm losing my mind.

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