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Girl Says Her Father Is The Worst Parent And She Doesn't Feel Alive Anymore This Is Her Reason Why

This girl tweeted on her personal twitter profile and said that her father is the worst parent because of him wanting her bridal price to be less than what she might have expected.

Her reasons for this were quite simple and in the open, she said that her father told her that her bridal price should be R150.

And this is because she is finished and done for, the young lady further wrote and said that she doesn't feel alive anymore and wishes she could die.

Her tweet reads :

"My father is the worst parent because he said that my bridal price should be R150 because I am finished and done for I am very much not feeling alive at this point, I wish I could die".

What are your thoughts on this?. Does she deserve to be feeling this way just because of what her father said to her?.

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