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For men : 5 tips to avoid being in a friend zone

Being friend zoned can be embarrassing and devastating especially when you thought the other person felt the same way .

It is very difficult to accept rejection especially for a man when you heart is invested in someone.

Therefore here are the 5 ways to avoid getting friend zoned by all means necessary.

5. Act in a way that will make the woman you would like to ask out melt by being a gentleman and being likeable through good deeds .

4. Avoid being to friendly with the woman you wish to ask out inorder to avoid being seen as being just a friend to her .

3. When you are with her make her feel special and do amazing stuff together that shall forever linger in her mind inorder for her to develop a liking into you .

2 . Be yourself when around the woman of your dreams , be honest , trustworthy , loyal and reliable so she got to like you for being yourself.

Women are vigilant they can tell if a guy is not being himself and that is a turn off that causes one to be friend zoned.

1. Tell her how you feel about her.

One of the best way to get out of a friend zone is through expressing your love to the person you wish to be in a relationship with , nothing can happen between the two of you unless you confide in them regarding how you feel about them.

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