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If You Don't Want To Break up With Your Partner. Do this DJ Red Wool and Holy Ash Method - Opinion

Once you find someone who you truly love, you want to be with them forever and never be separated by anything. Ever wish that in any of your relationship?

Here's the answer to your problem. Purchase a red wool and holy ash to make your partner never want to break up with you or want anyone else.

You'll need:-

☆ red wool

☆ holy ash

A Wool is used for many reasons in the African cultures for certain ritual. Including waist and wrist bead that protect you from evil spirit and brings you luck.

For your partner to never leave you ritual, a red wool is used because it's a colour of love, it represents heart matters and blood. Don't use a black wool your relationship will only lead to break up.

Rub the holy ash in your palms and take two threads of red wool. Tie a knot at the ends of these threads together. Now one thread should be pointing at your direction and the other on your partners.

Blow and talk calling your partners name, say things like " love me only, today iam forbidding you from looking at other women. And we will never break up."

Tie the two threads together, if you don't want to be with him anymore you just untie the knot. Hide this in the place no one else will ever find them.

Make sure you hide it in a place, you will find easily because if you lose it you're stuck with that person forever even if you don't want to be with them anymore.

Would you bind your partner to never leave you? Why? Share your views with us on a comment section below.

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