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Check Out These 25 Laugh-Out-Loud Pictures And Jokes

Everyone have a wonderful weekend! I've returned with some amusing images and jokes that will undoubtedly put a smile on your face and help you forget about the tension you've experienced this week.

Here are some amusing images and jokes to make you laugh:

A bachelor who lived with his mother and cat at home took a trip to Europe. He told his best friend to notify him of any emergencies before he departed.

His cat climbed up on the roof, fell off, and died a few days after he left. "Your cat died!" his friend wrote to him right away.

The bachelor was back home in a matter of hours, having cut short his trip out of grief and rage at his friend. He told his friend "Why didn't you tell me about it gradually? You should have seen how near I was to my kitty! You could have written, 'Your cat got up on the roof today,' and the next day, 'Your cat fell off the roof,' and gradually informed me that he died."

After a brief memorial service for the cat, the bachelor resumed his journey. When he returned to his hotel a few days later, he found a message from his friend waiting for him. "Your mum climbed up on the roof today," it said. He passed out as soon as he saw the message.

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