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They date younger women than them, here is why they do so

By Nhlanhla Maseko

Times have changed now and men are no longer going for women who are in the same age as they are. Today, many of them go for younger women.

Older men including those that are married and have kids are in relationships with younger women, some of them are even in the same age with their daughters. There are many reasons why that is happening especially during these times.

According to Jasmine Hatch, a man named Peter who is a divorcee revealed that one of the reasons is that the younger women do not rush when it comes to committing in a relationship and getting married and that is less stress to men.

"I want a woman not a business colleague. I get plenty of stress and competition at work. They young ones are googled-eyed, easily impressed, fun, free spirited. They don't pressure consciously or subconsciously to get married", Peter said.

Young women are all about fun, most of the time all that they want to do is to go out and have fun. Dress nice, go on dates or go to nice places whereas older woman most prefer cooking home meals and having dinner indoors forgetting that men sometimes need some outing even if it is just once in a while.

Another reason why men prefer young women is that most of them are creative , very active and do not mind exploring things. They are able to take a lot of things out of their minds through the fun that they create to have with them.

Some men find themselves in relationships with younger women because most of them are educated and less demanding than when compared with their wives who depend on their salary for everything.

While others date them because of being attracted by their beauty while they are still young making sure that they don't age and remain young and beautiful. Others go for younger women because of their fertility and being healthy. You'd find that their wives have certain diseases as they grow which contribute to them not being able to conceive while those men still want to have more kids.

It might be viewed like something bad in the public but there is nothing wrong in men dating younger women as long as it is what they prefer and they are honest about it especially to their wives if they have wives. Again, as long as those younger women are not forced into being in those relationships and it's their choice then there's nothing wrong as we all have different preferences.

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