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Divorce Affair

" I was with a married woman and her husband showed up, she hid me in the wardrobe and did this

Infidelity can be a result of feeling unappreciated, undervalued, or ignored in a relationship. Social media According to MprueDie, who is an influencer and an advocate for LGBT rights, Mpru had an affair with a married woman. She claims that her husband did not pay her the appropriate amount of attention because he had another wife. She went to visit her once, and when she was there, her husband unexpectedly showed up, so she concealed her in the wadrope. She remained there for a number of hours and experienced fear. Because the husband would spend so much time there, the woman's wife was responsible for bringing her food. 

"I was with a married woman who was participating in a "isthembu," and her husband would turn up anytime he pleased. One day, she concealed me in the spare room by putting me in the wardrobe, but she still brought food to where she had hidden me." She sent forth tweets. 

"Regarding this matter, I am at a loss for words. She is a true woman because she feeds you, but the fact that she is cheating on you makes me sick to my stomach." Said @Wallahi.

"Your narrative is missing some key details. If she wanted to spend time with someone on a daily basis, why did she get married in that backwards society? Where is she at this time? I have an excessive number of inquiries." Said @Nkokoma.


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