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Pregnancy period

Nothile break things off with to find out why

Nothile break things off with lehasa

Nothile has been in a relationship with Lehasa for 2 weeks now and trust me things have been going really fat. Lehasa has already meet up with Nothile's parents, how are they going to feel learning that Lehasa has break their daughter's heart in just a period of 2 weeks.

Nothile break things off with Lehasa regarding Pretty's pregnancy. Nothile finally saw what kind of a man Lehasa is.

Nothile packed her bags and left Lehasa right there standing. Its not clear if she will come back or she doesn't want to get herself involved in a baby drama wih Lehasa and Pretty.

Lehasa denied Pretty's baby in front of Nothile hoping to save his relationship but she left him still. Lehasa thought she found the one in Nothile.

In my opinion i think Lehasa needs to man up and take a full responsibility for his actions


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Lehasa Nothile


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