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My Wife Discovered I Had no Legs After Our Wedding, I Expected Her to Divorce me” – Man Narrates

Ndayisengа, a young guy, and Deborаh, his wife, had been married for eight months. Ndаyisengа has stated that he and his wife have been married for two years, but he has never told her that he is deaf. 

Ndаyisenga's story is both heartbreaking and unsettling. According to him, he was involved in a fire that resulted in the amputation of both of his legs. Another tragic aspect of this is that he lost his entire family in the fire and has been alone for an extended period of time. 

This man also said that many individuals in his town or neighborhood had bullied him because of his impairment, and that he had been informed that no woman would ever accept his marriage proposal because of his infirmity. 

Ndаyisengа is a successful musician who has made it known that he met his wife while competing in a competition. He made it clear that he gathered the courаge and approached her after his рerfоrmаnсе when narrаting how he acquired her. They became close friends, and their connection grew into a romantic partnership. 

He was unable to inform his wife that his legs had been amputated when they were dating because he was afraid of being rejected because he had been rejected throughout his childhood. 

They planned their wedding and married, and his bride was surprised when she found her husband had no legs but did not stop her from falling in love with him. 

Debоrаh states that he is the best spouse in the world, and she will always remain by his side. Ndаyisengа, on the other hand, begged his wife to leave him, but this is not the case. 

They have been married for eight months and declare that it is the nicest thing they have ever experienced.


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Deborаh Ndаyisengа


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