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Divorce Affair

A male was caught cheating with a patient in a hospital bed

Cheating has never bear good fruits, instead, it has caused hatred and heartbreak. However, people still do it even though they know the consequences. 

A disturbing video of a woman having a physical altercation with what seems to be a hospital patient is trending on social media platforms. 

It is alleged that a male nurse used to admit his girlfriend to the hospital whenever he is on the night shift. 

However, things took a turn when his wife got information that such a "patient" has again been admitted and she decided to visit the hospital. 

Judging by the video, the wife had all information about the girlfriend. She even knew the room the girlfriend was kept in. As soon as she got into the room, she started attacking the "girlfriend".  

The girlfriend was lying in bed naked when she got the shock of her life. 

She tried to defend herself, however, the wife overcame her. 

In the era we live in, it has become a norm for females to attack each other when they found out that they are sharing the same man. Why not confront the cheating boyfriend? This is the mere reason why men will never take us seriously. 


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