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Reasons Why Women Date Married Men

You've probably been wondering why a woman would settle for second best when there's a pool full of single,and available men to pick from.Here's why...

•Most women get involved with married men because of the financial benefit that comes with the relationship.They're usually unbothered that there's already another woman before them

•Some get in the relationship in hopes of winning the man over to their side.this act is usually encouraged by jealousy

•A lot of women have confessed to being involved with married men for a period of 5 years and more

•In most cases,The married men forbids their sidechick from having romantic relationships with other men outside their secret affair

•Some of these women got comfortable with the secret arrangement,and have kids as the results

•Single women that prefer being with committed men feel like they've got nothing to loose,but everything to gain

•To them it is nothing more than fun and being satisfied in every way possible

•In some of the cases married men hide their marital status from women they approach inorder to get what they want.It is often hard for the other woman to exit the relationship when there's already pure feelings attached

•It becomes easier and less painful to stay as the sidechick

•Unmarried women that usually get into relationships with married men knowingly do not find fault with the act.They do not think they owe the wife any loyalty if the man voluntarily chose to dishonor his vows

•We live in the world where it is believed that women are greater than men as a result,women go against other women over men daily.

•It has become a form of competition where everyone wants to win the prize regardless of who gets hurt in the process.It is every women for herself

•Only the strongest and resilient will survive.

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