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84-Year-Old Man Pretended To Be Deaf And Dumb For 62 Years To Avoid Talking To His Wife

Every successful marriage that has endured some difficulties must know that a lapse in communication is a serious threat to the marriage's long-term viability and stability.

That was the case in the marriage of 84-year-old Barry Dawson and his wife, Dorothy, who had a good start in their marriage before things went south.

It has been reported that Barry Dawson never spoke to his wife in their 62 years of marriage because he claimed to be deaf and dumb, despite the fact that he had claimed to be.

Although the wife was confronted with numerous difficulties, she did not give up, but instead searched for more effective strategies to make her marriage function. The deaf and dumb community helped her learn how to communicate with her spouse using unique signs designed for them.

When Barry's wife discovered a YouTube video of him dancing and singing at a karaoke night in a pub, Barry's good fortune ran out quickly. Dorothy filed for divorce, claiming that her husband had caused her emotional anguish and hardship, and she requested a monetary settlement as compensation for having to put up with his lying for all these years.

Lessons learned: It is crucial to live a genuine and authentic life at any point of one's existence. It is important to understand that leading a fictitious life will only land one in difficulty when the truth is discovered.


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