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Limpopo Is Turning To Be A War Zone, A Husband Beating Up His Wife At Thohoyandou

Worse part is that she sacrificed her education for him.

This morning we woke up yet again to find another video on the internet of how people are being victims of abuse out there. This also happened in Limpopo again where a couple went for shopping but things went south in a blink of an eye.

People are just standing there watching this couple as if there is nothing wrong that is going on here. How can we turn our backs on people when they need us the most? When a guy ask you out he will promise you Heaven and Earth while he can't even afford to buy himself a mere bicycle. Ladies should wake up and leave these abusive relationships because at the end of the day people will lose their lives.

Just imagined as this happened in a big town like Thohoyandou and nobody bothered to help her what more would have happened if they were in their home? This is really serious and people should look at things like this and normalise helping the victims. What kind of behavior do we expect from our children if the parents are also behaving like this?

We shouldn't be proud of these kind of incidents because now it is like we are proud of what this man is doing as nobody is repriminding him, people are watching someone's daughter being humiliated in the streets like this. What if tomorrow this happens to your own sister, to your own child? Will that be the only time for you to be touched and pay attention because it will now be in your own family?


Mzansi's reaction on this matter

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