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Husband and wife relationship

Marriage And Money, There's No "My" Money, " His" Money, In A Successful Marriage

Marriage and Money: There is no “my” money, “his” money, or “her” money in a successful marriage. Regardless of who is working or who brings the most money, it is “our” money. Do not let money cause divisions in your marriage. The successfully married pool their money together, plan together, budget together, tithe together, give together, spend together and save together. Successful marriages thrive on teamwork and there is no better example of marriage teamwork than on financial issues. No one spouse should dictate all family spending priorities and no spouse should make a major purchase without his/her spouse’s consent.

Disagree. I am.a stay at home mom. My husband is the one who works and earns the money, therefore it is HIS money. He trusts me to keeps the bills paid and handle household things, but it will never be MY money as I've done nothing to earn it.

All true and good. But it takes the effort of both to identify their earning potential, set a goal to reach it, through education or learned trade and succed, and not get in some comfort zone because the husband or wife thats bringing the most income is capable of pulling the heavy loads. In my book its 50/50. Not 60/40 not 70/30 but 50/50. 

This one is tough,if a woman takes care of her husband financially,it's just a matter of time before she starts complaining.

She will say" After what I did for you'' Only true Christian will take care of her husband when he is down financially and not complain.May God bless such.Its just a passing phase usually men get up on their feet fast(financially)

Ehhh to each their own. I own a company and brought my husband in it. We always fought about money because we never had money. I opened his own business name and his own account. We always have money now and never fight about money. We both have access to each other’s accounts and whenever one of us needs money we help each other out. People need to figure out whats good and what works in their own relationships. It’s not one size fits all. 

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A Successful Marriage


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