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Opinion: Gender based violence affects men as much as it affects women

GBV doesn't affect only woman, a very touching story of a young man and woman trending on social media after their video went viral, the story behind the video trending. It is alleged that the guy had been threatening the lady when she dumps him. The threats are : "I'll kill you if you leave me" they have a child together but the guy threaten to kill the woman and the child.

On the video that is threading on social media it not well explained that both partners are toxic, the lady slapped the guys while people are watching on the live stream video of Instagram.

Gender based violence is real and it affects both genders, if people are in toxic relationships or seeing red flags from your partner once you get threats from person that claim to love you that's a red flags.

When your partner slaps yu that's a very bad sign and where male or female a slap it's a toxic sign on the relationship, it is not wrong to argue verbally so but it shouldn't get physical.

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