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Husband and wife relationship

Marriage is not easy says Minnie Dlamini

Mrs. Jones also known as Minnie Dlamini was enjoying her 4th Anniversary with her husband Quinton Jones.

Mrs. Jones shared on her Instagram her husband on their day. However, what caught the attention of the fans is when she admitted that Marriage is not easy and there has been sometimes where she wished to throw a toilet but she and Quinton did not.

According to the therapist named Aimee Hartstein, marriage is difficult at first mostly the first year. It doesn't matter whether the couple lived together or not, the first years of living together are not easy. The therapist suggests that one of the possible causes for marriage being difficulty. She reportedly suggests that even though the couple might be on good terms, a bond can be ended.

"People have been working towards her goals for a year or two and it's over in one night. It can be tough or disappointing to pick up the next day or after the honeymoon and get on with regular life", Aimee added. Oftentimes when the parties get back together with the life it doesn't get exciting as it used to be.

Marriage is difficult by looking from the outside, this is because a person will have to stick with one partner for the rest of their lives. There are some things a person, in the eyes of the community, that are not allowed.

Minnie has not been sharing her pictures. After the marriage, she hasn't been posting more of herself. Also, married people are often judged by the community. However, Mr. and Mrs. Jones have been married for four years of which is really good for a couple.

Minnie added that this day is perfect for her and her husband to reflect on the love they have for one another.

Minnie Dlamini posted the other day recently where they celebrated the birthday of Mr. Jones. In the picture, Minnie Dlamini looked pretty and bootylicious.

The picture shocked many as it Minnie hasn't been the pictures of herself.


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