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Divorce Affair

My girlfriend of 3 years slept with another guy. She now wants me to forgive her. Should I?

Cheating is never a wise thing you can do to someone else. If you don't want to be in a relationship with them anymore, the best thing is to leave them. There’s no doubt about the devastation that infidelity can cause to a relationship.

When the affair is discovered, it brings a relationship’s latent problems into the light. It’s messy and ugly, to be sure. But it’s also one of the clearest signs that a relationship has gone off the rails.

If two people can see infidelity as a sign that something in their marriage broke, it becomes possible to look at the indiscretion as "for the best" despite its damage.

Ditabe is a man who is hurting right now. He discovered that the one and only woman he's been with for the past three years cheated on him with another guy. She is now asking for forgiveness. She claims that she made a silly mistake. Does he need to forgive her and continue being in a relationship with her?

People who are on Twitter adviced him for free. This is what they said :

People cheat in long term committed relationships as well as in casual and brief relationships.

Due to the lack of clarity, it is important that both people are aware of what infidelity looks like in a relationship. Being clear and having those conversations up front may help prevent possible issues down the road.

There is no doubt that having someone you love and care about cheat on you is hurtful. You can Google “signs my partner is cheating on me” and get a variety of lists that will tell you what might indicate that your partner is cheating on you. However, these lists can also create a bunch of anxiety that may not be necessary.

Do you think Ditabe should forgive her girlfriend on not?

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