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Dating Romantic

Love and Spirituality.


Let me tell you about love, about relationships, about your Ancestors when they see the woman you're attracted to being completely wrong for you. Wena mlisa ongalaleli, wena sesi obona ubukhazikhazi uthatwe yibona.

When you look at the physical, our Ancestors look at the spiritual. When you look at money, our Ancestors look at the way this money was acquired. When you look at the smile she has, Ancestors look at how many homes has she ruined, how many lives has she destroyed. When you look at the way you guys look like the perfect couple, Ancestors look at how she will influence your spirituality, how you will influence her spirituality. 

When you look at her body, Ancestors look at her heart. Is it pure, is it capable of loving? Is it considerate, is it nurturing? Is it peaceful? These and many more are what's being looked at.

And you often wonder why at times someone with three kids and came out of a relationship gets married and builds a home with a new guy. Meanwhile the one who carried herself kahle couldn't even sustain one relationship.

Ancestors look beyond what's in the surface, the look at the spiritual. They look at the emotional. They look at the family curses. They look at what you will bring spiritually in a relationship.

There's a reason why umuntu kamoyo struggles with a relationship. Thobela.

Photocred: @gogodineo

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Love and Spirituality


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