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Clement become the best liar in the whole Turflop In #SkeemSaam. See The Truth Here

Clement become the best liar in the whole Turflop. See The Truth Here

Drama after drama at Seakamela. It started with Sthoko and her husband, then they lost their father, then Kwaito loosing his job and got shot, then Mantuli got shot too, Pretty pregnant now Clemy ke boys to the boys, aowa mar. That's enough for family ya Mantuli. Umjolo can make someone quickly turn into a liar. Jiki jiki Clement has become the best liar in the whole Turflop. Signs of showing the relationship built on lies is not going anywhere. Another Mantuli headache in the house. There is no rest on that house.

As I was watching yesterday,I notice that Clement Is developing curves. I'm loving him,he is definitely gonna kill this role.. A friend like Koloi is needed in life, unfortunately with this generation,they start hides everything to you, only to come back to you when things are falling apart. On the other hand, if you are a caring friend you can really feel the pain, heavy weight , unstoppable stress ,not knowing what to do anymore.

I'm so happy pretty finally is getting wat she deserves. It is Pretty Seakamela's body, she can abort the baby if she wants to. It's her choice. She thinks like she's better than anyone..she has hurt lot of ppl ...leshole , nimza n kat too... she must stop acting like victim here...lehasa must just deny that baby... unice doesn't even deserve to be her frnd. 

I'm with Rakghadi Rebecca on this one, Pretty is a Seakamela, there's really no need for her to go to KZN especially because she has an Aunt who's willing to support her all the way her and help her by raising her child unlike MaNtuli. This idea of Pretty going to KZN was going to add more burden on Nandi's shoulders because she's has got three children, and Pretty is pregnant there will be a time where by she won't be able to do anything. Nandi will be forced to take care of her. It will be a lot on Nandi's plate.

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