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Men, 4 ways to satisfy your woman

I don't believe it is simple to be a woman's best friend in general. It takes a lot of effort to completely please a woman. If there are handbooks on how to please ladies, the author will be the wealthiest person on the planet by now.

Based on our own experiences and interactions with women, we've come up with a few suggestions for how to satisfy a lady. Here are four of them:

1) Have faith in your abilities. A confident man is admired by women, but they do not expect you to be confident all of the time. We all have moments of self-doubt, and your girlfriend will appreciate your willingness to be vulnerable and open about your anxieties. However, they want you to believe in yourself because, if you don't, it will be difficult for them to be proud of you in the future. It is not a matter of gender in this case. Women who believe in themselves and love themselves are more attractive to emotionally healthy men as well, according to research.

2) It is the simple things that count. Women are very aware of almost everything you do. They take note of everything, from opening a door to being kind to the server to sending a nice good morning text. Continue to perform those small acts of kindness, and if there is a disagreement, the positives will assist them in forgiving the negatives as well.

3) Take good care of your physical appearance. The majority of women invest a great deal of work into their appearance. They spend a lot of money on costly hairstyles and cosmetics, as well as on great clothes and lingerie, in order to feel good about themselves and to appear attractive to their boyfriend. They like it when you make an effort with your looks as well. When you put out the effort to dress in your particular style, maintain a well-groomed appearance (and use only a small amount of after-shave), people notice and appreciate it.

4)Assume full responsibility. In our relationships, we all make mistakes that are detrimental to one another. It's an inevitability. Whenever someone's feelings are wounded, we all need to accept responsibility for our part in the situation. As a result, please accept responsibility for your share. Don't say things like "you're overly sensitive" or "you're overly judgmental." If you've made a mistake, be willing to talk about it with others. Women will follow in their footsteps. Talk about the difficulties that come up and accept responsibility for the feelings we experience, including the highs, the lows, and every emotion in between.

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