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Checkout these 12 Categories Of People You Should Not Make Love With.

As humans, we are obligated to make love only to our spouse. It is intended for married couples, not singles. As a result, whether you're single or married, you should avoid making love to the 12 persons listed below: 

1. No matter what he promises or professes, you should never agree to make love to a married man. Because he has a wife, you must show respect to both her and yourself. Make every attempt to maintain a safe distance from him. 

2. Never accept your boss's proposal for a romantic relationship. If the harassment becomes too much to take, resign and trust that God will give you with a better opportunity. You don't need to appease him to keep your job. Keep your childishness. 

3. It is preferable to die than to have sex with people whom God has entrusted to your mentorship or pastoral care. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever 

4. If you are getting too involved via conversing official or academic relations, don't make love to a married woman and break up the closeness or whatever name you have for it. 

5. Avoid making out with your professors. When it comes to grades and marks, sex is a nonentity. You aren't a member of this group. You can't be like that. 

6. If you're a marketer, you should never agree to sleep with a potential client just to meet your official goal. Never! 

7. Avoid having sex with your in-laws. Allow him or her to leave if he or she refuses to leave despite your efforts. By tomorrow, I mean. 

8. Don't make out with your neighbor or coworker. A neighbor is exactly what it says on the tin: he or she is a neighbor. A coworker is a coworker, and that is all there is to it. Maintain as little complexity as possible in your life. 

9. Do not make love to your platonic companion. Break up with your partner if the connection is no longer platonic. 

10. I believe that God designed sex to be a male-female relationship. Avoid having intercourse with someone who is of the same gender as you. You should oppose homosexuality because God is against it. 

11. Never make love to a sibling or family member. Incest is a horrible thing to do. Make every effort to stay away from it. Respect your siblings with the same level of respect you have for yourself. 

12. Do not give your girlfriend a kiss. Your partner should not have sex with you. Sex was not created by God to be used in romantic relationships. It was made for him to marry. God will help you if you wait for your time. Only you and your legally married partner should have sex. 

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