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Photos of a young man crazy in love doing the unthinkable

(Source: - @KabeloMohlah02)

Whether you believe it or not, unconditional love is a necessity in this world. Funny enough, you might not know that you need it until you realise that someone within your circle has been giving it to you all along. Love connects people in this world to everything better as it brings happiness into their lives. It will always be difficult to understand love if you don’t believe in it, especially if you’ve been hurt before and never healed. Ideally, you should love others the way you want to be loved. Also, allow people to love you back, as that will make it a two-way route.

Most people would always think that new love is the best thing that has ever happened to any relationship, as they call it the honeymoon stage. Little did people know that relationships can be ten times better than the honeymoon stage as long as they allow it to flourish. That’s why you can get a couple that has been married for over 40-years and still love each other like the first time they saw one another. Then you get a newlywed couple that regrets being together and has started their process of divorce. Love is what you want it to be and it will always be a choice as you decide to love your partner every day. 

Now, photos of a gentleman having a wonderful conversation with his partner have been surfacing on social media. As you might know that there are those long phone call conversations that are not easier to let go of. Imagine speaking to your partner for a good two or more hours, hence many people don’t remain in position when they’re on the phone call. This gentleman's phone call made him do the unthinkable things; such as climbing on the ladder, sitting on the house, sleeping on the car roof, even the wheelbarrow and the dog too. The photos were shared on social media, with a caption that stated the young man was in a new relationship and trying to impress his partner. “New relationship vibes,” said @KabeloMohlah02 on his Twitter account.

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(The pictures are used for illustrative purposes only.) 

Date: 16/10/2021

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