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Our Perfect Wedding: The groom goes head-to-head with his brother for the love of his life

This week on Our Perfect Wedding we met a couple that had a very peculiar backstory to their love that had me in stitches! Unlike last weeks couple where there was an underlying tension from the step children, this wedding had a fun filled vibe. The couple met at a furniture store and surprisingly, the bride was into her brother-in-law at first!

Before you judge her, it seems like he was into her as well. The bride described flirting with him during the games they were playing. But the plot twist came when Andries approached her after and asked for her number. They began to talk and eventually she started to soften to his advances. She credited that to him being a "charming" man.

Their wishlist was not very long. I'm starting to suspect that new age brides are not complicated creatures. They want to look pretty, to have their decor be on point and to have a cake that is Instagram ready. She achieved all of this with an ease that only speaks to her organizational skills as a bride. She did wait 14 years for her big day to finally come. She claimed to have rejected an engagement ring to wait for the real thing

Her dress was one of the most beautiful ones I've seen on the show in a very long while. I was stunned. It was an off-the-shoulder white chiffon like dress that was tighter at the top and flowed down after the bodice. It made my jaw drop and honestly the main highlight of the wedding.

The groomsmen and the bridesmaid's looked immaculate and the decor and cake was up to the high standard of the bride.

However, for me the church was a bit of a let down. There was no decoration in there and compared to the rest of the wedding it was a bit of a damper.

The whole thing was still very impressive and with Nomsa back as the host, the energy was immaculate! I love the vibe she brings whenever she guest hosts the show.

What was your favourite part of the show?

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