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"Disgusting" one troll says about what she did to her lips

Andrea Ivanova, a Bulgarian woman known for having the "largest lips in the world," is said to be getting her lips injected for the 27th time this Christmas to make her pout even bigger.

The 24-year-old Sofia resident told Jam Press that she believed the injections would help her resemble a Bratz doll more.

“I like them a lot and feel much better,” Ivanova remarked of her unimaginably large lips. However, Ivanova did not always have such prominent kissers. She earlier owned tiny lips, which made her anxious about that portion of her body. As a result, Ivanova had filler for the first time several years ago, and she said it immediately gave her confidence.

Ivanova is unconcerned about her large lips exploding.

Men's interest was the next thing to come. "Many men from all over the world would write to me on social media networks all the time, offering me money, trips, and invitations to meetings," she said. Ivanova currently has over 9,000 Instagram followers, with many of them charmed by her thick pout. One man wrote beneath a shot of Ivanova posing for the camera, "I truly love your lips." "You're stunning, a total hottie!" exclaimed another. “Fantastic. A third male admirer swooned, "I would love to be the one who gets the honor of having a nice supper with you...let me know..."

Despite having more than two dozen procedures, Ivanova said she isn’t worried about her big lips bursting. And the injections don't really come cheap. Each of her injections cost around $265, which means that Ivanova has spent more than $5,000 perfecting her pout. And it is not only lips that have been enhanced. The Bulgarian beauty, who has presently dyed her hair purple, recently paid a visit to her doctor for a face lengthening and contouring procedure to get the chin and jawline she always dreamt of, and which cost her around $660.

'I bet she can't whistle!!'

Even though Ivanova has quite a fan following for her lips on social meida, there are also a number of trolls who have mocked her plastic surgery efforts in the past. “You need serious mental help!” one detractor wrote on Instagram. Another described Ivanova as “disgusting.”


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